One whole year of helping kids like Ronti

15-year old Ronti Sarkar was the topper of his school in class 10. From there on, his education now takes up 50% of his family’s income. Not because it costs that much, but because his family earns that little. Despite their best efforts.

With the help of our donors, the mentors, and a number of very kind volunteers who have helped us in every imaginable way, Project Urjayati has been making sure that kids like Ronti don’t have to forgo their education because of dire financial conditions at home.

In the last one year, we have gone from supporting 8 kids in Mumbai to 22 kids from the slums of Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. We hope to be able to take on more with support from those who believe that every child should get the opportunity to study – without having to worry about how to pay for the books they need, or the fees in school, or the bus they need to take so that they don’t have to walk an hour to get to school every day.


See why Ronti needs to be supported and the difference it will make to his life.