Our Team

 The Urjayati team at the Gandhi Fellowship campus in Rajasthan




Aditi is a Business graduate from Symbiosis International University, Pune. After graduating from college, she worked in Risk Consulting and Fraud Investigation with KPMG and Ernst and Young India.

She moved to the developmental sector with the Gandhi Fellowship, after a 3 year stint in the corporate sector.

During an exchange program to Nanyang Business School, Singapore, she worked as a mentor for intellectually disabled kids. Soon after, she volunteered with Milaap in creating profiles for self-help groups in need of micro-finance loans.

Under the aegis of the Fellowship, she had been running English classes for slum children in Versova, Mumbai with the help of a team of volunteers. Children were taught to speak English through art, music and games.

She is currently at the University of Oxford in UK, pursuing her MBA with a focus on Strategy and Social Impact.

Her combined love for food and animals has rendered her a Vegetarian Bengali. She is interested in spirituality, and practises Art of Living and reads Vivekananda when stressed. You are not allowed to insult Harry Potter and the FRIENDS franchise in front of her. She loves solo travelling and with the Fellowship, has discovered the charm of rural travel too.

She blogs about life in the slums of Mumbai at www.the-mobiustrip.blogspot.in




Harsha is a graduate in Business studies with a specialization in Accounting & Finance from Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (UG). Post college, she worked for KPMG India in Risk Advisory and EY India as part of the Fraud Investigation team. A desire to engage in socially relevant work and explore the development sector led to her switching from the corporate sector after a stint of 3 years and joining the Gandhi Fellowship.

While in college, she worked with an NGO that engages with underprivileged children. She has also volunteered for “Wake up Pune”, an initiative to create awareness about HIV/AIDS in Pune.

During her Fellowship tenure, she had helped organize medical health check up camps and career counseling sessions for the youth for slum residents in Ghatkopar, Mumbai.

She is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Policy at the State University of New York, Albany, USA majoring in Information Strategy Management and Policy Analysis.

Her idea of fun varies from reading a book to meeting new people, depending on her mood. Her passion for everything to do with food and watching plays are the reasons she has grown to love Mumbai. A travel enthusiast, she dreams of backpacking across Europe and South America.




Shrestha has completed her Masters in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. During this time, she was a field person for a researcher from Texas where she got the chance to closely work with female retailers at shopping malls with the aim of understanding ways to give back their dues to them for their hard work. Her interest for working on-field increased and finally she joined the Gandhi Fellowship with the hunger to work on the ground in the social sector. She believes that if the impact is not seen on the ground, then there is no point in merely dreaming of it by reading theories.

Her visit to Japan during the first year of her Master’s program as an exchange student brought her closer to the service sector where she taught kids as well as adults to be more proficient in English. During her Fellowship tenure she started an education lab named “Abhigyan” which aimed at giving assistance to the under-priviledged kids after school, to study in a fear-free environment. Kids were taught through “Activity based Learning”. She loves working closely with the community and as a result she got 30 drop-out kids back to school in 2 months.

She is currently working with the Design team of Kaivalya Education Foundation in Baroda, India.

Shrestha has great respect and love for her city Kolkata, which also explains her love for food. She loves music, big crowds and people. She loves working collaboratively in a team and dreams of having a big team of hers in the near future.