Recovering from the fire in the slum

Close on the heels of the NDTV coverage of Urjayati, the very slum where the story was shot – and where 8 of our current kids live -burnt down to the ground due to a fire.

The same reporter who covered the Urjayati story, Ms. Ankita Sinha went back to the slum to cover the fire. And she was the first of a line of people who extended a helping hand to the Urjayati kids and their families, by updating us about the situation on the ground and where the families could go to get access to emergency resources.

We ran to the site that night with immediate sustenance that the families said they needed – like blankets and dry food. From the next day, we were overwhelmed by the gesture of the mentors. They visited ‘their families’ in the slum with food, water, medicines, shoes, clothes, bags, utensils, storage boxes etc. – all of their own accord – to help the Urjayati families get back up on their feet.

For over a month, the people of the slum lived with makeshift houses made with plastic and saris to shield themselves against cold winds.

As of now though, the children have started going back to school. And houses are being rebuilt and life is getting back to normal.

Fire - before and after