Ansh Kumar

Location: Delhi

Assigned a Mentor: No

Being sponsored for: School Fees

Being sponsored since: July 2016

4-year old Ansh does not remember his mother. He was only 11 months old when she passed away after being starved and not taken care of by his drunken father. His grandparents took him in at that age, and it has been a downhill ride for the family ever since. His grandmother had to let go of the little she used to earn as a small scale factory worker, so that she could stay at home and take care of him. His uncle, who was only in class 8 at that time, had to drop out of school to make up for the lost income of the grandmother, and now works as a daily wage labourer.

His grandfather repairs cane furniture, which is by no means a steady source of income. His father hasn͛t visited him from the time his mother passed away and doesn͛t pay a penny to support the child. His grandparents want him to study now and not suffer the same fate as the other family members. And we can help him escape that fate.