Aurobindo and Moumita Hazra

Location: Kolkata

Assigned a Mentor: Yes

Being sponsored for: School Fees and Tuition Fees

Being sponsored since: July 2016

Aurobindo and Moumita live in a slum in the Hoogly district of West Bengal. They were both studying in low income private schools till expenses caught up, and they had to drop out of the school. Their father who is a rickshaw-puller, took up another job of dusting furniture at people’s houses, just so that he could put his kids back in school.

One went back to the private school, while the other got enrolled in the free government school. But they need help with their subjects, which the parents are in no position to provide. The parents are making their best effort to secure a future for their children here. Maybe you and I could help them out a little too.