Hansmukhi and Piyush Arya

Location: Delhi

Assigned a Mentor: No

Being sponsored for: School Fees

Being sponsored since: July 2016

This brother and sister duo of 5 and 7 years respectively lost their father two years back. What remains of the family is a mother working as a cook to make ends meet, and an older brother in Class 6 who had to be pulled out of private school a few years back because the father would squander the family earnings on alcohol.

The mother put the older kid in a free public school, but says the child hasn͛t learnt to even read or write. She doesn͛t want the same fate for the two younger kids and thus wants them to study in the private school in the area. The fees are nominal for you and me, but quite a lot for a single mother of three making only INR 4000 a month.