Ashwini and Pooja Gangwane

Location : Mumbai

Mentor assigned to Ashwini and Pooja : Yes

Ashwini being sponsored for : School fees and books

Pooja being sponsored for : School bus pass

Being sponsored since : July 2015

Ashwini & Pooja

Ashwini is a class 9 student in a private school in Damunagar in Mumbai. Her 12 year old sister Pooja goes to the nearest municipality school in the area, which is still over 3 km away. There are too many mouths to feed in this family, and the axe falls on the education of the two girls. Paying for the children’s school fees and bus passes has become increasingly difficult over time. Their mother cannot walk too far because her legs swell up if she does thus preventing her from going out to work. Their father barely earns INR 2,000 a month as a daily wage laborer.

Ashwini is often not allowed to sit in class, or write her exams, or get her yearly results. Pooja goes to the government school for free but needs 160 rupees for the monthly bus pass. You can help to send two girls back to school bring them one step closer to achieving their goal of being educated and making something of themselves so that they can overcome the hardships their family now has to face due to uneducated parents and siblings who have dropped out of school.