Neha Waghmare

Location : Mumbai

Mentor assigned : Yes

Being sponsored for : School bus pass

Being sponsored since : September 2015

Imagine a scenario where you wake up one day and cannot go to college or to work because you cannot afford to pay for the bus pass or train pass for your commute. Neha had to face a similar situation a month ago. She had to stop going to school for over a month because her family cannot afford to pay the monthly INR 160 required for her buss pass. Her mother was recently rendered mentally unfit to work due to a family trauma. Her grandmother is the only earning member in a family of six.

With the entire family depending on this meager income of about INR 2,000 to meet their basic needs, spending 160 rupees a month to send 11 year old Neha to school on a regular basis has become difficult to manage. Neha enjoys going to school because her class teacher is very nice and she looks forward to playing with her friends. INR 160 a month will not only ensure Neha goes to school on a regular basis but it will also help ease the financial pressure on her family. Your contribution will go a long way in helping Neha’s family educate her.