Rekha and Priyanka Ratnaparkhe

Location : Mumbai

Mentor assigned to Rekha and Priyanka : Yes

Being sponsored for : School fees and books

Being sponsored since : July 2015

Priyanka & Rekha
A father whose poor health prevents him from going to work. A mother who earns barely 2,000 rupees a month as a rag picker. A family of five survives solely on her income as the three children struggle to make their way through college and school. 14 year old Rekha and 12 year old Priyanka have not had it easy. With a significant amount of their mother’s income being spent on their father’s medication, timely payment of school fees is an expenditure that more often than not, takes a backseat. They often have to spend the day standing outside the class because they won’t be allowed to enter till their fee is paid.

They have also been informed that if they don’t clear the pending amount soon, the sisters will not be allowed to sit for the exams. Free public school is not an option because the closest public school to their house is not at a walkable distance and the bus pass costs more than their school fee on a monthly basis. Priyanka hopes she can start attending school again because she likes studying and learning new things. According to her older sister Rekha, going to school is important because being educated helps one stand on their feet. A small contribution from you can help both Priyanka and Rekha go back to school regularly.