Rani Kumari

Location: Delhi

Assigned a Mentor: No

Being sponsored for: School Fees and Travel Allowance for commuting to school

Being sponsored since: July 2016

Rani͛s family could be a classic case study to highlight some of the major problems families face in when trying to escape the clutches of poverty. Theirs is a family of 5 kids. The oldest one dropped out of school after failing his exams in Class 10, and now cannot find sustainable livelihood. The father won͛t let the mother work, because ͚what will society say if the woman of the house goes out to work?͛

So what if they had to move miles away from the school to find a cheaper place to stay and Rani cannot afford the daily commute to school? Or if she had to take up Home Science instead of Maths, which she was so keen to study, because tuitions were too expensive? Rani is feisty though – she wants to get trained in computers and break the norm in her family by being the first girl to go work outside the house. And we want to help her do just that.