Suhasini Mhaske

Location: Mumbai

Mentor assigned : Yes

Being sponsored for : School bus pass

Being sponsored since : September 2015

Young Suhasini started going to school two years ago. But with her father squandering most of his income on alcohol, her mother was left to manage the household expenses by herself on her earnings as a ragpicker. She somehow managed to put Suhasini through school by scraping together her school fees of 100 rupees a month, at times even going hungry and skipping meals to save money. Suhasini dropped out barely a year later though, because her mother could no longer afford to pay her fees. Matters got worse five months ago when her mother’s hand got infected due to exposure to toxic waste while rag picking.

Her mother has not been able to go back to work ever since, because her father’s contribution to the household income is not enough to pay for her mother’s treatment. It had been 13 months since 8 year old Suhasini had not attended school. Her mother finally put her in public school, but since they live far away from school the monthly bus pass of INR 160 itself is difficult for them to pay for, in the months when money for the pass from the government is delayed. YOU can help put her back in school with your contribution.