Tulsi Swami

Location: Mumbai

Assigned a Mentor: Yes

Being sponsored for: School Fees

Being sponsored since: July 2016

Tulsi is a young 17 year old. Her life changed four years ago, when an accident at school left her partially paralyzed for a year and stunted her growth. She was hospitalized for weeks after the incident and required surgery. Four years on, she is required to undergo a medical checkup every six months and is on medication to manage the lingering pain.

Her parents are vegetable sellers and earn about INR 6-7,000 per month. A portion of their earnings are allocated to paying off the loans they had taken at the time of her surgery and her ongoing medical expenses. They are determined to educate Tulsi and make her financially independent despite their financial constraints. Tulsi is currently in class 9. With our contribution, we can help Tulsi’s parents achieve their dream of making their daughter succeed against the odds.