Vishal and Sakshi Mhaske

Location : Mumbai

Mentor assigned to Vishal and Sakshi : Yes

Being sponsored for : School fees and books

Being sponsored since : July 2015

Vishal and Sakshi

9 year old Vishal loves going to school because he likes how the teachers teach and he enjoys playing with his friends. His sister, Sakshi looks forward to learning new songs in school and learning how to write. Their family of four is dependent entirely on their father’s income of 3,000 rupees a month. Their mother cannot go to work because she has to stay at home to take care of her youngest child who is 2 years old.

Sending them to the government school that does not charge fees is not an option because it is more than 3 kilometers away and the monthly bus pass costs 160 rupees per child. Also, the children are too young to make the trip by themselves every day. Their mother is anxious to send them back to school soon and keep them there, instead of having them sit at home every other month when they can’t afford the fee. Your timely contribution can help send to Vishal and Sakshi back to school.