We Thank…

….every one of these people without whose help, in some way or another, we could not have started getting things off the ground.

  • Mr. Milind Gandhi and his team – A Chartered Accountant by profession (www.gandhi-associates.com) he and his team, including Mr. Jigar Shah, have been helping us with the regulatory aspects of the project, purely out of the goodness of their hearts, since they believe in our cause. Of course, we cannot mention him in isolation without a huge vote of thanks to his wife Mrs. Lopa Gandhi – who is a consultant with the Fellowship team and founder of her own NGO Ugam – who got us in touch with him at just the right time, when we were caught up with frenzied Google searches of “How to Register an NGO in India”.
  • Mr. Karthik Kastury – A software engineer with PayPal who created our website, and is always there to help us tech-spastics with what would have otherwise been our Waterloo.
  • Ms. Ruchika Sehgal – A Maths-whiz at IIT-Delhi and the backbone of our Delhi operations.
  • Mr.Sagnik Biswas – An MBA from Symbiosis, he finds time from his busy schedule at Infosys to help us out with our digital marketing material from time to time. That first video of Urjayati would not have been a manageable feat for us had it not been for him.
  • Mr. Sagar Papneja – Co-head of Pathshala NGO in Gujarat  who guided us to the idea of the ‘raddi-sale’ which we are now pursuing as a fund-raising technique. www.pathshalango.com  and https://www.facebook.com/PathshalaNgo/?pnref=lhc
  • Mr. Subhamoy Chatterjee – Entrepreneur, finance professional and associated with S.P.Jain’s social initiative Abhyudaya, he gave us critical feedback and guidance at the conceptualization stage of this project.
  • Mr. Husein Sayyed – A former Gandhi Fellow and Program Leader with the Fellowship, and a ‘Human of Bombay’ in more ways than one, he has been our Phone-A-Friend lifeline regarding objective feedback and networking.
  • Ms. Alpita Rathod – A Gandhi Fellow and a former Teach for India volunteer, she has been instrumental in helping us connect with the community we have been working in.
  • Mr. Saurabh Singh – An IIT Roorkee alumnus, co-founder of Rural Economy Development India (www.redindiagroups.com), Manager of the Livelihood program under Yuva Parivartan (www.yuvaparivartan.org), and a former Gandhi Fellow, he helped us navigate through the quagmire of statistics related to education and employment in India, and continues to offer us valuable guidance for strategy.
  • Mr. Kartik Kapoor – A current Gandhi Fellow who has been an ever-active presence – be it for hunting down case studies, volunteering for events or connecting us to the right people at the right time.
  • Mr. Mihir Rambhia – Currently with ISRO, and formerly associated with “Make a Difference”, he guided us through our first fund raising event.
  • Mrs. Dipali Mewada and Mrs.Savita Tandon – Two very enthusiastic Art of Living volunteers, they braved the difficult terrain and conducted our first camp for the children in the slum.
  • Mr. Dinesh Menaria – Known to many as ‘one of the two guys who quit his corporate job to travel through the villages of India for almost a year’  on the journey that was called Sancharan  (https://www.facebook.com/Sancharan-211003648961319/?fref=ts), he was formerly associated with the Fellowship marketing team, and is currently with Hans Foundation. He gave us valuable feedback on how to crystallize the idea behind the project in a presentable way.
  • Mr. Souradeep Ghosh – Co-founder of Gaia Learning Studio and a former Gandhi Fellow, he helped us better understand the ground realities of donor management.
  • Ms. Swati Nayak – A Masters in Education from Azim Premji University, designer of innovative curriculum with Eklavya, and Program Leader with the Fellowship, Swati had been shoving us out of our comfort zone for over a year, in hopes that we would stumble out of that zone and into the one we are currently in.
  • Mr. Vijay Parkhe – Our knowledge of the community we started our work with would be impossible without his help. He has been our map, point of contact, network and everything related to the slum.



Special thanks to the mentors (in the order in which they joined us). For having come on board with us for this initiative for the children.

  • Mr. Sudhakar Shetty – Businessman and Art of Living teacher in Mumbai
  • Mrs. Annu  Dwivedi- PR consultant with Ogilvy and Mather, Mumbai
  • Ms. Mamta Wathare – Publicist with Ogilvy and Mather, Mumbai
  • Ms. Nilanjana Dey – Author, Reiki Master and marketing professional in Mumbai
  • Mrs. Ritu Moudgil – Masters in Education and a socially active community member in Mumbai
  • Ms. Shreya Sharma – PR consultant at Genesis Burson – Marsteller, Mumbai
  • Mrs. Atreyi Ganguly – Teacher in Kolkata
  • Mr. Tonmoy Roy – Teacher in Kolkata